Managing Director's Message (SGBL Group)

Shankar Gupta

Business is all about people. Talented people form a team to harness core competencies to deliver services or products relevant to markets. We have that!

Today we stand at the helm of an energetic organization that is well poised to become a global conglomerate. Our core strengths of real estate and retail have taught us well to win the everlasting trust of our customers. This trust is our most precious ladder to the envisioned global success.

Since we took the first step, Quality has been our motto and is ingrained in the very philosophy of our enterprise and is adhered to by every single worker of our group. Contrary to the belief that quality means increased costs, we have been able to reduce costs for us as well as for our customers by delivering high quality services and products – always.

Our assets are our people. It is their motivation that has propelled us where we cruise today and where we plan to reach tomorrow. India is steadily transforming herself into a global powerhouse and having our first footsteps here means we already have an advantage! Now, it is our responsibility to convert this advantage in an ever-improving picture of our society.

We as a business desire to generate more wealth – the wealth of betterment of society. We sincerely believe in the philosophy that the true essence of growth is holistic not just an individual’s growth. Leading the way with a firm determination and high ethics we embark on a journey that shall bring us complete satisfaction through the development of our society that we envision to bring about. The methods are likely to change with the technology taking the driving seat – and we are embracing this fascinating change as it connect the whole world and paves novel ideas. I request your blessings through this beautiful journey!